Clickfunnels Reviews

Click Funnels is a new innovative platform primarily meant to generate leads for business in an effort to boost product sales. It performs pretty much the same function as a website or a sales page. The difference comes with it upgraded diverse features. Still, we must delve into a click funnels review so as to judge whether it is a worthwhile endeavor or a waste of time.

More about Clickfunnels

A �Funnel’ basically is a mini website. When buying a product, customers have to go through a series of pages. It serves the purpose of amassing contact and sales information much like in opt-in pages or lead pages. The Clickfunnels reviews platform enables you to construct and design a variety of lead pages. What you get at first is already constructed professional themes. You then edit and design them according to your specific business needs. It is therefore simple to use enabling you to access and manipulate lead pages that attract numerous clients to your site.

Features of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Theme Editor

The theme editor built in for Click Funnels allows you to construct your theme to your specific preference. It is click-based making it easy to use for everyone. A diverse selection of already made templates and themes also exists making it convenient in case you are not interesting in constructing your own theme.

Click Funnels 14 day free trial

This feature allows you to try the platform and gauge it usefulness, convenience and flexibility before you invest time, effort and financial resources in it only to be disappointed. All you have to do is sign up and check it out. In the trial you can also construct funnels and get some leads free of charge.

Click Funnels Integrated Services

Click Funnels has integrated with services that make it convenient and useful. These services can be connected to your funnels. These include Paypal, ClickBank, Aweber, Mailchimp among others.

Click Funnels Email Service

Click Funnels comes with an inherent auto responder coupled with email service. This works in favor of those who do not use third party email management systems or want to save a few coins. You are able to construct emails that are automatically sent when certain actions are made for example a sign up.

Click Funnels Pros

  • · User friendly
  • · Does not need technical know how to operate
  • · Diverse already made themes
  • · 14 day free trial
  • · Numerous useful integrated services
  • · Built in email auto responder

Click Funnels Cons

  • · Reports of bugs in the interface
  • · Reports of slow loading of pages
  • · Only two membership plans; the standard and suite
  • · A bit expensive with standard and suite costing $97 and $297 per month respectively
  • · Standard membership has some limits placed on it that is a maximum of 20 funnels and 20,000 visitors
  • · Saturation of same style themes in market

.Bottom Line

With the above Click Funnels Review, it is clear that it is a useful convenient product in led generation. This information as well as knowledge on where to send leads is vital in ensuring that you get the best out of Click Funnels. For those who can afford it, it is definitely a worthwhile venture since money invested can be made back in no time.

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